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Postgres: The Friendly Relational Member of Your Data Management Toolbox - The selection of Postgres as the "Database of the Year" for the third time is by no means an overnight success story, but is well deserved recognition for a database decades in the making.  As organizations look for the relational database of the future, Postgres is ready and waiting. 

Case Study: SAS and Cloud-Native Postgres - Learn how SAS standardized on Crunchy's Kubernetes Operator, allowing for modernization of its product line around cloud-native approaches. Crunchy gave SAS the perfect fit to leverage a prebuilt and secure Postgres distribution.

Announcing the Crunchy Data PostgreSQL STIG - The Crunchy Data PostgreSQL Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) offers security-conscious enterprises a comprehensive guide for the configuration and operation of open source PostgreSQL. 

Using GitOps to Self-Manage Postgres in Kubernetes - When coupled with a tool like the PostgreSQL Operator, GitOps principles can be extended to work for stateful services. Applying a GitOps mindset to managing PostgreSQL workloads can help make it easier to manage production-grade Postgres instances on Kubernetes.

Production PostGIS Vector Tiles: Caching - Building maps that use dynamic tiles from the database is a lot of fun: you get the freshest data, you don't have to think about generating a static tile set and you can do it with very minimal middleware, using pg_tileserv.

Deploy PostgreSQL With TLS in Kubernetes - Secure communication for your Postgres clusters in Kubernetes by deploying them with TLS. Learn about the different TLS modes that PostgreSQL offers.

Using R in Postgres for Logistic Regression Modeling -  A demonstration of how a data scientist can use R with PostgreSQL on their desktop and server-side. One great feature is that the R code required 0 changes to work in PL/R.

R Predictive Analytics in Data Science Work Using PostgreSQL -  The final blog post in Steve's series about the data science workflow using PostgreSQL. He finishes up by showing how to use that stored model to make predictions on new data.

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