Prepared Statement Support in PgBouncer

The newest version of PgBouncer lets you run prepared statements while using a connection pooler. Greg breaks down the performance gains of prepared statements, why they have traditionally been a challenge, and this new feature.

Deploying Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes in a Multi-Zone Cluster

Bob has all the instructions for getting your Postgres in a Kubernetes multi-AZ environment.

PostGIS Day is Thursday, Nov. 16

Register and drop in throughout the day for a range of talks about open-source geospatial applications and tools.

Postgres Goodies in Ruby on Rails 7.1

We are excited about some of the Active Record updates with Rails 7.1! Chris reviews some of the notable new features for working with Postgres including async queries, composite primary keys and native support for CTEs.

Tuple shuffling: Postgres CTEs for Moving and Deleting Table Data

David has some tricks and sample code for using CTEs to manipulate data and move things around inside your database. This can be especially handy for sorting, moving, or labeling data and moving it to an archive.

Ruby on Rails Neighbor Gem for AI Embeddings

Thinking about using pgvector to power some AI data in your Rails app? Chris walks through the very handy Neighbor gem and how it helps for vector data types and ActiveRecord.


Fun with Postgres Floats, Positioning, and Sequencing

Greg continues to amaze us with solutions to the 2022 Advent of Code, this is day 20. Using only PostgreSQL he decrypts data, gets it sequenced, and gets back on his journey to meet up with the elves.

Working with Money in Postgres

Elizabeth has a primer for working with money in Postgres including what data type to choose, storing currency, and some sample functions.


Upcoming events

Crunchy Data is exciting to be sponsoring the following upcoming events: 

Red Hat Government Symposium, Washington D.C., Nov 15

Geography 2050, NYC, Nov 16

PostGIS Day, Virtual, Nov 16

Red Hat Summit: Connect Darmstadt, Nov 30

PGConf EU,  Prague, Dec 12 

Red Hat Summit: Connect Zurich, Jan 17

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