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Crunchy Data Newsletter

Postgres: The Batteries Included Database - What's so exciting about Postgres? Craig Kerstiens talks about some of the most important Postgres features that make it a full "batteries-included" database.

PostgreSQL Benchmarks: Apple ARM M1 MacBook Pro 2020 - Apple's new M1 uses the ARM instruction set and claims some amazing acceleration for media workloads. Greg Smith gives his analysis of running PostgreSQL on the Mac OSC M1. 

PostgreSQL Benchmarks: Apple Intel MacBook Pro, 2011-2019 - Apple's Intel-based laptops are very popular among developers, and that's as true of people who work on PostgreSQL as other groups. Prompted by Apple's platform change, Greg Smith surveys Postgres performance on his own MacBook Pro.

Waiting for PostGIS 3.1: Performance - Performance is the one feature that every user approves of. For PostGIS 3.1, there have been several performance improvements that, taken together, might add up to a large performance gain for your workloads.

Waiting for PostGIS 3.1: Grid Generators - Summarizing data against a fixed grid is a common way of preparing data for analysis. Paul Ramsey outlines some new functions that will be available for generating grids. 

Postgres in the Cloud for Django Apps - Last time, we hooked up the app to a containerized Postgres instance. In this post we walk through the steps to connect a Django app to Postgres in the cloud via Crunchy Bridge

Using Postgres for Statistics: Centering and Standardizing Data - We examine methods for calculating z-scores for our data in the database. We want to do this transformation because when we carry out logistic regression we want to be able to compare the effects of the different factors on fire probability. 

Postgres Streaming Replication on Windows: A Quick Guide - The Postgres documentation covers streaming replication pretty comprehensively, but you may also need something more digestible for reference. In this blog post, we'll discuss how to set up streaming replication in Windows.

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