STL PostGIS Day 2019

Brought to you by Crunchy Data + T-REX


Crunchy Data would like to extend an invitation for you to attend STL PostGIS Day 2019 brought to you by Crunchy Data and T-REX happening Nov 14, 2019 at T-REX in Downtown St. Louis. PostGIS Day is part of Geography Awareness Week and serves to highlight the features and capabilities of PostGIS as a part of the GIS ecosystem.

Why should I attend?

Spatial data is everywhere these days and every organization is a spatial organization whether they realize it or not. Logistics, precision agriculture, insurance, risk analysis and many more industries can or are working with spatial data.

Too many are investing in expensive middle tier software when they could be leveraging a powerful spatial engine like PostGIS. PostGIS combines the power of PostgreSQL with spatial data, and simplifies the technology your developers and data scientists need to learn. This means they can focus on the business objectives you are trying to achieve and not on learning new software.

PostGIS Day 2019 (brought to you by Crunchy Data and T-REX) will benefit managers and executives as well as software developers. The agenda will be broken into two different areas:

  •   Introduction/Executive Overview 
  •   Hands on technical workshops