PostGIS Day 2022

Crunchy Data is excited to announce that we’re hosting the 4th annual PostGIS Day November 17th! We had such great conference participation last year around the globe that we are doing it again.  The conference is in a virtual drop-in format. Plan to join us!



Call for Papers

Open through  October 7th

We are looking for 20-25 minute talks for you to share what you are doing with PostGIS. Last year the talks ranged from showing off routing functions to talking about neuroscience. Talks are recorded and posted on our YouTube channel

Talks will start early in the morning US time to accommodate our friends in Europe and Asia, and carry on to the late afternoon for those on the West coast of America and beyond.

This is a great opportunity for speakers to reach a large open-source software and spatial audience. Talks can be presented live or pre-recorded. Speakers need to be present during their talk on November 17th to answer questions from the audience.  We will coordinate an appropriate speaking time for your time zone. Speakers should attend a short dress rehearsal the week before on a flexible schedule, to iron out technical issues.

Questions? See or

Talk Submissions

What is PostGIS Day?

PostGIS Day is part of Geography Awareness Week and serves to highlight the features and uses of the PostGIS spatial database as a part of the GIS ecosystem. PostGIS Day is observed the day after GIS Day, for obvious reasons.

Spatial data is everywhere these days, and PostGIS is frequently used to manage that data. Logistics, precision agriculture, insurance, risk analysis and many more industries can or are working with spatial data.

PostGIS Day is a chance to learn how others are making use of PostGIS, pick up some tips and tricks, and share our stories about bringing this excellent tool into your organizations.


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