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Performance Tips for Postgres FDW

Chris has some tips on helping you get the most out of queries when working with a remote Postgres foreign data wrapper. He has an overview of how queries are executed with the fdw and then samples for using CTEs, sub-queries, materialized views, and more.

Announcing Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes 5.4

We are excited to release version 5.4 of Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes with support for ARM processors, pgvector, huge pages, Postgres tablespaces, and more.

Data Skews in Postgres

Skewed or uneven data is common in Postgres. Elizabeth has a quick query for finding your data distributions and recommendations on fixing indexes if you have skewed data.

Moving Objects with Arrays, Sequences, and Aggregates

Greg continues with Advent of Code series, this one is puzzle 17. This one works with falling rocks. Using sequences, arrays, and aggregates he makes a stackable objects with nothing but SQL!

Fun with PostgreSQL puzzles: Surface Area and 3D Slices

Greg continues with more puzzles and solutions for the Advent of Code series, today covering day 18's puzzle. Greg has some amazing functions for surface area, heat maps, and 3d visualizations.

Catch up on recent presentations

Tuning PostgreSQL to Work Even Better

Karen Jex talked about how PostgreSQL "just works" as a database for your Django applications, but with knowledge of a handful of configuration parameters, you can make it work even better, at DjangoCon Europe.


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Crunchy Data is exciting to be sponsoring the following upcoming events: 

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FOSS4G NA on October 23 in Baltimore, MD.

Red Hat Connects EMEA on November 30 in Darmstadt, DE.

PGConf EU on December 12 in Prague, CZ.

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