Performance Tips for Using Postgres and pgvector

AI has exploded the amount of vector data being generated. Getting performance can be uncertain, until you know the keys. Chris explains the three basics you need to get performance out of vector data with Postgres.

Fun with PostgreSQL puzzles: Finding shortest paths and travel costs with functions

These are great sample PostgreSQL functions withs some bonus tips on using pg_stat_user_functions to look at recursion.

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Writing Data from Postgres to MongoDB

Chris has some sample code for synching data from Postgres to MongoDB using Foreign Data Wrappers and Triggers.

Solving N+1 Postgres queries for Ruby on Rails apps

Chris has some tips for working with Ruby on Rails and ActiveRecord and using better SQL to improve performance and avoid N+1 queries.

Thinking Fast vs. Slow with Your Data in Postgres

Craig gives us an introduction to working with Postgres in expanded contexts like analytics, metrics, log storage, and event data.


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