Intro to Postgres Custom Data Types

A quick primer on the two main ways to create custom data types in PostgreSQL, DOMAINs and user-defined custom data types. Work some examples and learn which tools are recommended.

Will Postgres Use My Index? Hypothetical Indexing for Postgres

HypoPG is an extension to create hypothetical indexes and test if Postgres will use them. This tool is a good one to use in combination with our other favorites like EXPLAIN and pg_stat_statements.

Using Postgres FILTER

Craig dives into using FILTER and shows a query example using CTEs, CASE WHEN, and FILTER.

Timezone Transformation Using Location Data & PostGIS

Need to convert UTC timestamps to local time and store them? We have a fast way to do this with PostGIS by importing a shape file, doing a quick join, and creating a new local time field.

Fun with Letters in PostGIS 3.3!

Check out the new PostGIS function, ST_Letters. We're making words, putting words on a map, increasing convexity with ST_ConcaveHull, and making letters from polygons with ST_TriangulatePolygon.

More fun with Solving Advent of Code Using Postgres

Check out days 11 through 15 challenges and enjoy learning how to solve these puzzles.

SQL Tricks for More Effective CRUD

Level up your SQL skills with this quick tutorial of some simple and not-so-simple create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) statements.

Postgres GitOps with Argo and Kubernetes

Curious about using Argo for application and database maintenance? Bob takes us through how to set up Argo with Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes. The end results are some easy and simple GitOps for everyday tasks.


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