JSON Updates in Postgres 16

Chris digs into some example code for the new JSON features that just launched with Postgres 16. A new check for finding json objects and some new object and array functions.

Rolling the Dice with the PostgreSQL Random Functions

Paul shows examples of generating random numbers, random integers, random text values, and random groups. He also shows off the new random_normal function which came out with Postgres 16.

Understanding Postgres IOPS: Why They Matter Even When Everything Fits in Cache

John gives us the basics of i/o in Postgres from how it works, to what parts of the database use IOPS, how to measure it, and what to do to optimize it. John also explains new view for pg_stat_io just released with Postgres 16.

PostGIS Day is November 16

We’re hosting a community PostGIS Day event. This is a chance to learn how others are making use of PostGIS and other open source geospatial tools and connect with Crunchy PostGIS experts as well. This is a free, virtual drop-in event.


Screen Shot 2023-10-10 at 10.59.04 AM


Five Great Features of the PostgreSQL Partition Manager

Keith takes a step back and reviews five notable features that make pg_partman an essential tool for managing large tables in Postgres.

Huge Pages and Postgres in Containers

We love it when we get to work with the open source community! We recently helped with patches to OCI and Postgres 16 to make huge pages work with Postgres in containers and Kubernetes. 


Upcoming events

Crunchy Data is exciting to be sponsoring the following upcoming events: 

OpenShift Commons at All Things Open, Raleigh, Oct 18

FOSS4G NA, Baltimore, Oct 23

OpenShift Commons at KubeCon, Chicago, Nov 6

Red Hat Summit: Connect London, Nov 7

Red Hat Government Symposium, Washington D.C., Nov 15

Geography 2050, NYC, Nov 16

PostGIS Day, Virtual, Nov 16

Red Hat Summit: Connect Darmstadt, Nov 30

PGConf EU,  Prague, Dec 12 

Red Hat Summit: Connect Zurich, Jan 17

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