Virtual PostGIS Day 2021

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Crunchy Data is excited to host its 3rd annual PostGIS Day with the collaboration of several talented community members and friends! For 2021 we will be continuing with a virtual approach, so wherever you are, please join us for a day filled with interesting talks on all things PostGIS. You can join the webinar at any time throughout the day.

What's PostGIS Day?

PostGIS Day is part of Geography Awareness Week and serves to highlight the features and uses of the PostGIS spatial database as a part of the GIS ecosystem. PostGIS Day is observed the day after GIS Day, for obvious reasons.

Spatial data is everywhere these days, and PostGIS is frequently used to manage that data. Logistics, precision agriculture, insurance, risk analysis and many more industries can or are working with spatial data.

PostGIS Day is a chance to learn how others are making use of PostGIS, pick up some tips and tricks, and share our stories about bringing this excellent tool into our organizations.


Registration for this virtual event is open now at this linkWe are planning to start at 9am Eastern in a drop-in format. List of speakers and agenda tbd. 

Call for Presenters!

We want you to tell your PostGIS stories! Some examples of topics we'd like to see:

  • Use cases for PostGIS
  • Using PostGIS in the Enterprise
  • Building modern web-applications with PostGIS
  • Incorporating Geospatial data without a map
  • Geospatial microservices
  • Migrating from closed source geospatial to open-source
  • PostGIS and data flows
  • New PostGIS technology
  • PostGIS uses at the local, state, and federal government

We are looking for relatively short presentations, 20-40 minutes. Presenters should be able to commit to attending their virtual session to answer questions, and can submit a pre-recorded video or present live. Submissions due Friday, October 8th.