Virtual PostGIS Day 2021

Thursday, November 18, 2021


Event Summary

A short summary of the 2021 event is published on the Crunchy Data Blog.

Presentations & Links to Videos


Neuroscience in the database: Mapping the morphology of neurons and synapses with PostGIS

Tom Kazimiers, kazmos GmbH

Working with maps in Django and GeoDjango: From Python to PostGIS

Paolo Melchiorre, 20tab

Delivering a National Level Vector Tile Basemap using PostGIS and pg_tileserv: From Data production to Web Publishing

Tom van Tilburg, Geodan

PostGIS and the Global Wildfire Information System

Hans Pfeiffer, ikoone – Data and GeoScience Lab

Building a PostGIS Web Application with pg_tileserv and pg_featureserv

Augustin Trancart, Oslandia

Data Quality Control and Validation with PostGIS at the Portuguese National Mapping Agency

Jorge Rocha, Geomaster, Lda

Using PostGIS to Generate Real Time Descriptions of Landmarks and Their Position Relative to the User, for Wayfinding Without Maps

Phil Bartie, Heriot-Watt University and William Mackaness, University of Edinburgh

No Middleware. Build Fast Geospatial APIs with PostGIS and a Scriptable Webserver

Brent Tucker, CPCS

Exploring the Many Extensions of PostGIS! PostGIS packages six different extensions and there are many others that further extend PostGIS, like pgrouting, mobilitydb and ogr_fdw

Regina Obe, Paragon Corporation

Hurricane Prediction Accuracy Analysis Using the PRAM Stack

Rhys Stewart, Auchindown

Food Inundation Estimates, At-Risk Facilities, and Automatic Analysis of Earthquake Impacts Using PostGIS in Ventura County

Bruce Rindahl, Ventura County

PostGIS in Production at Denver Public Schools: Tying Together Systems to Support Better Planning

Matthew Baker, Denver Public Schools

How Did PostGIS Get Fast(er)? A Review of Performance Improvements Over the Recent Release Cycle and a Deep Dive Into Performance Programming

Paul Ramsey, Crunchy Data

How Ford Leveraged PostGIS to Build a Scalable Cloud-Based Mapping Solution

Ganesh Kumar, Ford Motor Company

Using PostGIS and Machine Learning to Predict Electricity Demand Growth from Electric Vehicles

Silas Toms, Volta Charging

PostGIS Patterns and Pictures: Exploring Some Common PostGIS Analytical Use Cases and Spatial SQL with Attractive Outputs via SVG

Martin Davis, Crunchy Data

Generating a World-Wide Vector Tile Base Map from OpenStreetMap with PostGIS, the Story of OpenMapTiles

Yuri Astrakhan, Elastic


What's PostGIS Day?

PostGIS Day is part of Geography Awareness Week and serves to highlight the features and uses of the PostGIS spatial database as a part of the GIS ecosystem. PostGIS Day is observed the day after GIS Day, for obvious reasons.

Spatial data is everywhere these days, and PostGIS is frequently used to manage that data. Logistics, precision agriculture, insurance, risk analysis and many more industries can or are working with spatial data.

PostGIS Day is a chance to learn how others are making use of PostGIS, pick up some tips and tricks, and share our stories about bringing this excellent tool into our organizations.