Postgres data flow

What happens when you query Postgres? Data can come from many places like the application cache, buffer cache, and even down into the physical disk cache. This post surveys the data storage and flow of Postgres data.

Postgres 15 now available on Crunchy Bridge

Postgres 15 was tagged for general release on October 13th. It’s already available in Crunchy Bridge if you want to deploy or upgrade an existing instance.

Fun with Postgres functions

Craig has pulled out some of his favorite functions from the Postgres toy box. In this post, he shows off date functions, aggregations, text functions, and math.

Real-time database events with pg_eventserv

Introducing our newest open source project, pg_eventserv. pg_eventserv takes events generated by the PostgreSQL NOTIFY command and passes the payload along to waiting WebSockets clients.

Be ready! Public schema changes in Postgres 15

Big changes are coming to the public schema settings in Postgres 15. There is no more global write privilege to public. Paul Ramsey breaks down best practices on how to easily give permissions by role.

Crunchy Postgres updates to TLS, firewall management, monitoring

We just released a new version of Crunchy Postgres and its packed with security, access management, and monitoring updates, giving you more options for running production Postgres.

Oracle to Postgres post-migration improvements

Using a tool like Orafce can assist greatly with the migration process. Jean-Paul shows some easy tricks for changing from Orafce functions to native PostgreSQL.

No tricks, all treats with Postgres

Enjoy our Crunchy Data and Postgres themed pumpkin carving stencils for your Halloween activities this weekend. πŸŽƒ


Upcoming events and presentations featuring the Crunchy team:

AnsibleFest Oct 18-19

Automated Upgrade to High Availability Postgres for Ansible Automation Platform by Jimmy Hopkins

DjangoCon US Oct 18-19

How to be a Postgres DBA in a Pinch by Elizabeth Christensen

PostGIS Day Nov 17

Registration is now open for our 4th annual PostGIS Day!

DoDIIS Worldwide Dec 12-15

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