Crazy Idea to Postgres in the Browser

We’ve got Postgres running in a web browser and lots of folks are curious about how it was built. We’ll go through the prototyping steps in this blog post. If you haven't had the chance yet, check out the Postgres Playground.

Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes 5.2 Launch

Some exciting new features are launching this week with Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes 5.2. We have a new CLI plugin for kubectl! Plus sidecar apps, new options for streaming replicas, and upgrade options.

Postgres Hosting Checklist

If you’re thinking about a new host or reviewing your current one, here is a helpful list of the common features and functionality.

Postgres Migration Pitstop: Collations

Checking on your collations is a must-have stop on your migration path. You might run a quick check and be on your way, or you might need to add a few more steps to your cutover plans.

Generate Unlimited Crypto Using Postgres

Ha ha, made you look! This post is not a crazy scam (you be the judge) but just a practical description of using cryptographical algorithms to encrypt and decrypt data inside PostgreSQL.


Upcoming events and presentations featuring the Crunchy team:

DjangoCon EU Sep 21-25

Everything You Wanted to Know About Databases as a Developer but Were Too Afraid to Ask Your DBA by Karen Jex

PGConf NYC Sept 22-23

How to Tame A Mastodon: Lessons for PostgreSQL at Scale by David Christensen

Understanding PostgreSQL Query Plans (AKA Explain) by Stephen Frost

AnsibleFest Oct 18-19

Automated Upgrade to High Availability Postgres for Ansible Automation Platform by Jimmy Hopkins

DjangoCon US Oct 18-19

How to be a Postgres DBA in a Pinch by Elizabeth Christensen

PostGIS Day Nov 17

Call for papers and registration is now open for our 4th annual PostGIS Day!

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