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Serving Dynamic Vector Tiles from PostGIS

July 09, 2019

PostgreSQL postgis

One of the most popular features of PostGIS 2.5 was the introduction of the "vector tile" output format, via the ST_AsMVT() function.

Quick and Dirty Address Matching with LibPostal

May 14, 2019

PostgreSQL postgis

Most businesses have databases of previous customers, and data analysts will frequently be asked to join arbitrary data to the customer tables in order to provide analysis.

Upgrading PostGIS on Centos 7

February 20, 2019

PostgreSQL postgis

New features and better performance get a lot of attention, but one of the relatively unsung improvements in PostGIS over the past ten years has been inclusion in standard software repositories, making installation of this fairly complex extension a "one click" affair.

Once you've got PostgreSQL/PostGIS installed though, how are upgrades handled? The key is having the right versions in place, at the right time, for the right scenario and knowing a little bit about how PostGIS works.