Citus for Postgres on Any Cloud: Announcing Citus Support for Crunchy Bridge

We are now supporting Citus on Crunchy Bridge. Today Craig walks through how to set it up and what to know before you get started.

An Overview of Distributed PostgreSQL Architectures

Marco just joined Crunchy Data and reflects on his career in distributed systems in this post. He provides an overview of several options for approaching distributed Postgres workloads and the pros and cons of each approach.

Postgres TOAST: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread?

Elizabeth gives us an overview of the Postgres TOAST (The Oversized Attribute Storage Technique) system and what it means for your data types and storage.

The Postgres Playground: BYOS (Bring Your Own SQL)

Craig shares some tips for using our Postgres playground with your own SQL.

pgAdmin for All of Your Postgres Kubernetes Clusters

We just released version 5.5 of Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes and have a new pgAdmin experience. Now you can run all of your Postgres clusters in one interface across your Kubernetes fleet.

PostGIS Clustering with DBSCAN

Paul walks through creating cluster maps with ST_ClusterDBScan. He grabs some geographic name data, creates the clustered data, and retrieves a population density map for the U.S.

Using acts_as_tenant for Multi-tenant Postgres with Rails

Chris walks through using the acts_as_tenant gem. He shows some example code to get started with this gem, how to migrate, and other tips for working with B2B or multi-tenant applications


Upcoming events

Crunchy Data is exciting to be sponsoring and/or has team member speaking at the following upcoming events: 

San Francisco PostgreSQL User Group, Jan 10

Red Hat Summit: Connect Zurich, Jan 17

FOSDEM, Brussels, Feb 2

USDA HQ Tech Expo, Washington, D.C., March 12 

pgDay Paris, March 14

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