Announcing Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes 5.5

Version 5.5 of Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes is out and Andrew has an overview of highlights. We have a really cool new pgAdmin set up, streamlined metrics features, updated pgBouncer and more.

Designing Your Postgres Database for Multi-tenancy

Craig digs into multi-tenancy applications, sharding, and the Citus extension. He gives several approaches to the data design so that you're ready to scale if and when that time comes.

Use GitHub Actions on Pull Requests to Automate Postgres on Crunchy Bridge

Automate Postgres with your review apps! Chris offers up some sample code for GitHub actions and getting a test Postgres database created, getting the connection string to your review app, and closing it down.

Postgres + Citus + Partman, Your IoT Database

Craig digs into the architecture behind a slick IoT data platform including Postgres, the Citus extension, and pg_partman partitioning. Add these together with columnar compression and you've got a fully open source and scalable IoT data stack.

PostGIS Day 2023 Summary

Highlights and notes from this year's PostGIS day talks including the ideal GIS stack, PostGIS for emergency services, MobilityDB, and PostGIS functions for Star Wars.



Advent of Code in PostgreSQL: Tips and Tricks from 2022

Thinking about solving the Advent of Code in Postgres? Greg Mullane did it last year and has a summary of how to get started and some tips and tricks for writing your own solutions. He also has some solutions to last year’s puzzles on days 2122and 23.


Upcoming events

Crunchy Data is exciting to be sponsoring and/or has team member speaking at the following upcoming events: 

PGConf EU, Prague, Dec 12 

San Francisco PostgreSQL User Group, Jan 10

Red Hat Summit: Connect Zurich, Jan 17

FOSDEM, Brussels, Feb 2

pgDay Paris, March 14

Red Hat Summit, Denver, May 6-9

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